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Real-life lessons. Even for the ones who know it all.

Illustrating the connection between school and work in a relevant and engaging way is what JA does best. Below are what some of our alumni, students and teachers have said about the relevancy of JA.

The impact of JA is significant and studies prove that after participating students
–have increased knowledge of financial and economic concepts;
–understand the importance of staying in school; and
–can apply critical thinking skills and have a greater ability to work as a team.

In addition to measuring knowledge gains on financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship, JA assesses student attitudes about education and their future. After participating in JA programs

–84% of JA high school students say JA connected what they learned in the classroom to real life;
–75% of JA high school students say JA taught them how to manage money;
–73% of JA middle school students say JA made them more aware of career options; and
–77% of JA elementary school students say JA made school more interesting.

The impact Junior Achievement makes on a student today has been proven to have benefits for a lifetime. A recent survey of JA alumni found that

–94% report that JA makes them confident about working effectively in a team environment;
–90% said that being a JA student positively affected their future;
–88% said that they have confidence they could compete successfully in a business environment;
–85% say they are confident in their ability to manage their personal finances effectively; and
–83% said that participating in JA helped prepare them for the world of work.

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Volunteer Today

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