• Why Support Us

    The Need

    In Colorado
    -More than 24 percent of high school students, and 37 percent of minority students, drop out each year.
    -Only 30 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds decide to enroll in college.
    -Approximately 25 percent of those who complete their freshman year of college decided not to return as sophomores.
    -Less than 50 percent of college students manage to complete a bachelor’s degree within five years.

    The Solution

    Junior Achievement’s (JA) programs are a vital resource to schools throughout Metro Denver and Northern Colorado. JA programs — which align with Colorado State Standards in social studies, personal financial literacy, mathematics and English language arts — result in significant knowledge gain on topics such as global competition, business ethics, and needs and wants.

    Research shows that one of the biggest reasons kids drop out of high school is that they do not believe that what they are learning is relevant to their future.

    -JA students discover the important connection between school and work in a relevant and engaging way; 70 percent of JA high school students say that JA connects what they learn in the classroom to real life.
    -JA students demonstrate an increased desire to stay in school, a sense of personal economic empowerment and a positive attitude toward entering the workplace; 72 percent of JA middle school students say that JA makes them realize the importance of staying in school.
    -JA students develop a realistic view of the world of work from dedicated and well-trained volunteers; 76 percent of JA elementary school students say that JA helps them prepare for the future.

    The Scope

    JA has been a positive influence in Colorado since 1950.  Through JA’s incredible force of more than 5,000 volunteers, JA annually serves as many as 114,000 elementary, middle and high school students in classrooms from Douglas County to southern Wyoming in 500 schools (with an emphasis on schools with a high free and reduced lunch rate).  Additionally, JA sponsors capstone projects such as JA Stock Market Challenge, JA Business Week, JA Finance Park and JA Job Shadows.  JA counts on community support to offer these important programs at no cost to schools or students.

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