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JA Engage was started by a group of young professionals who are passionate about JA’s mission. With the support of JA-Rocky Mountain, the group strives to foster a community of young professionals in the Denver metro area who are actively engaged with JA. The members of JA Engage represent the next generation of JA leaders, volunteers, and supporters.

Participation in JA Engage is an opportunity to learn, have fun and broaden one’s network, while supporting an amazing cause. The members of JA Engage attend various educational, networking, and social events hosted by the group throughout the year. They also directly support JA by volunteering and fundraising.

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50 people attended a Rockies game with JA Engage in June 2016
50 young professionals attended a Rockies game with JA Engage in June 2016


The JA Engage kickoff event in May 2016 attracted more than 70 young professionals to Infinite Monkey Theorem for a tour and wine tasting