The Need

The game went global.
Are we ready?

The world is becoming more competitive and interconnected. Businesses are no longer bound by bricks and mortar, so what happens in one corner of the globe can have a significant impact right here in Colorado. And when local companies set out to hire new employees, candidates come from everywhere, not just Colorado. Increasingly, employers value intangible assets such as imagination, problem solving and critical thinking, along with technical skills.

Can American students measure up to this challenge? Unfortunately, the statistics say no. But with your help, JA can help change that.


Percentage of human resources officials surveyed who ranked “creativity/innovation” as among the top five applied skills projected to increase in importance for future graduates


Percentage of responding employers who say critical thinking and problem solving skills are “very important” for incoming high school graduates’ successful job performance


Percentage of same respondents who rated recently hired high school graduates as deficient in critical thinking

JA teaches students to think entrepreneurially, and helps students tap into their creativity and use it to capitalize on opportunities.


Percentage of parents who agree that their child thinks “money grows on trees”


Percentage of parents surveyed who said their high school student does not have a budget


Percentage of skyrocketing credit card debt among young adults, between 18 and 24, since 1982

JA’s focus on Financial Literacy helps students gain basic knowledge about how credit works, budgeting, saving and more.


Percentage of human resources officials surveyed who cite deficiencies among incoming high school graduates in “applied” skills, such as professionalism and work ethic


Employers who say incoming high school graduates hired are deficiently prepared for the entry-level jobs they fill, including a lack of basic skills in reading comprehension, writing and math


Percentage of high school parents who identify as a big problem a belief that students are getting passed throug the public high school system without the skills they need for college or work

Through its Workforce Readiness principle, JA teaches valuable skills like interviewing, professionalism, teamwork and communication.
Survey from The Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working Families, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and the Society for Human Resource Management at
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Volunteer Today

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