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    Real-life lessons. Even for the ones who know it all.

    “The kids loved the JA Stock Market Challenge and JA Titan. The stuff you guys do is amazing and helps me make economics exciting! Thank you.”
    —Ken Benson, teacher

    It’s critical to keep children engaged, motivated and in school. In Colorado, 25 percent of high school students fail to graduate on time. And for minorities, it’s 50 percent. But even more insightful is the fact that 80 percent of high school dropouts interviewed in a survey suggested that providing more opportunities for real-world and experiential learning might help kids stay in school.

    Illustrating the connection between school and work in a relevant and engaging way is what JA does best. Below are what some of our participating students and teachers have said about the relevancy of JA.

    Students also shared the following…

    • 70% of high school students said JA connected what they learned in the classroom to real life
    • 72% of middle school students said JA made them realize the importance of staying in school
    • 72% of middle school students said they would recommend JA programs
    • 76% of elementary school students said JA helped them prepare for the future

     Of volunteers who participated …

    • 88% believe JA helps students understand personal financial literacy skills
    • 89% believe JA helps students work as a team
    • 88% believe JA helps students better prepared for the workforce
    • 94% believe JA encourages critical thinking skills
    • 94% say they would volunteer again

     Of teachers who participated…

    • 92% definitely want JA next year
    • 92% say their JA volunteer was a good role model
    • 78% say JA linked the importance of education to future opportunities
    • 78% say JA volunteer inspired students
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