The JA Finance Park experience begins in the classroom. Teachers cover 13 different lessons of personal finance curriculum. Once the classroom curriculum is completed, the program continues with a visit to our 5,500 square foot facility located inside American Furniture Warehouse or within your classroom with our virtual park simulation.

How does this program complement the Colorado Academic Personal Financial Literacy Expectations with new state standards?

The curriculum directly fulfills new state-mandated economic, math, reading, writing and communications content standards, which also include 21st century skills and concepts.

View a comparison for the common core and personal financial literacy standards regarding middle school standards.

View a comparison for the common core and personal financial literacy standards regarding high school standards.

What is the cost of JA Finance Park?

Due to the gracious generosity of our sponsors, the JA Finance Park program is offered to all educators at zero cost. The curriculum, student workbooks and park or virtual simulations are free!

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply complete the online program request form. Once you submit the form, JA Finance Park Staff will contact you in order to confirm your scheduled date to visit the JA Finance Park facility or confirm your participation with JA Virtual Finance Park. If you have already signed up and have a date, use this form to order materials.

We require that all new teachers go through a teacher orientation. The orientation will take place at your school. With the updated curriculum, we also recommend returning teachers go through an in-person training as well.

Click here to explore the new and improved classroom curriculum!

What is the JA Finance Park schedule once we arrive?

The simulation is divided up into four sessions. Volunteers arrive an hour and half prior to the students in order to receive training. Once the students arrive, the fun begins! Click here to view the general timeline.

What responsibilities come along with the addition of tablets to the JA Finance Park visit?

At the start of each day, every student will be assigned a specific tablet for which they will be responsible for the entire day. Volunteers will also help monitor the technology by checking out the tablets in the morning and collecting them during lunch and again at the conclusion of the day.