July 24, 2018 11:00 am

Nick Quinlan, senior partner, Major League Hacking, describes JA Business Week as “something key to my young adult experience.”

Nick Quinlan (top right) inspired students at JA Business Week 2018

From 2007 to 2010, Nick Quinlan attended JA Business Week, where he excelled at activities like the Spoonbender Challenge and Mocktails. As Nick shared, “I went on to use the lessons learned from these JA Business Week challenges in business school and in my career.”

Nick graduated from Western Washington University, became a developer at SendGrid, owned his own freelance design company, and currently serves as the chief of operations at a small company in New York City that empowers young technologists. His company, Major League Hacking, works with more than 65,000 young technologists globally.

Despite Nick’s busy schedule leading weekend-long programming competitions, peer-led workshops, and other educational programs at his current company, he volunteered as a Company Advisor for JA Business Week 2018 in Denver.

“Junior Achievement gave me fundamental experiences that contributed to who I am today. I wanted the opportunity to give back to the organization and allow other students to have the same amazing experiences that I did.”

Nick shared with students the importance of building communications and teamwork skills and the power of perseverance in achieving their goals.  “Never let your age get in the way of your objectives. Work toward them with zeal, and you’ll get there sooner rather than later,” said Nick.

As one of nineteen JA alumni who served as JA Business Week 2018 volunteers, Nick is a testament to the long-lasting impact of JA programs.

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