All JA Finance Park teachers will be provided with an in-person curriculum training along with a curriculum binder and student workbooks. Junior Achievement USA will also provide teachers with personalized login information to access supplemental materials such as PowerPoints that support and strengthen the curriculum.

The new and improved JA Finance Park curriculum provides students with a realistic, up-to-date, and relevant financial literacy education.  In fact, the redevelopment of JA Finance Park caught the attention of Harvard University. Their Global Education Innovation Initiative identified the new JA Finance Park as a program with innovative curriculum and pedagogical practices related to 21st century skills in financial literacy education. Read the posting on their website.

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In the first unit students recognize the fundamental role of income in managing their personal finances and the factors that affect income and take home pay. They will understand decisions they make about education and career will have an impact on their potential income and quality of life.

During the second unit students explore savings and compare investments as a part of their overall financial planning. They also examine risk and how insurance help protect savings.

The third unit has students comparing financial institutions and their services. Through discussion and a game activity they also weigh the advantages and disadvantages of debit and credit. Lastly, students examine the role of credit scores and credit reporting have on personal finance.

During the fourth unit students discover the importance of spending money wisely and recognize a budget as a valuable tool. They create personal budgets based on savings and life-style goals and day-to-day situations.

The fifth unit is the actual JA Finance Park Simulation visit where students’ act as an “adult” for the day and put all the curriculum knowledge they gained into action!

The final unit students simply review their experience and revisit their career goals to see how JA Finance Park may have changed their future goals.