Barbara Romersheuser Retires from JA Vail Valley Advisory Board

When Barbara Romersheuser helped establish the JA Vail Valley Advisory Board four years ago, there were only a handful of volunteers from the area reaching about 100 students with Junior Achievement programs.  Within two years that number increased to 2,000 students, due in no small part to Barbara’s influence in Eagle County Schools.

Bringing JA programs to more Vail Valley students depended on the cooperation and coordination of educators and community volunteers, so the challenge was a perfect fit for Barbara’s “get it done” attitude.  Over the years, Barbara has been committed to finding ways for community organizations and professionals to contribute to the school community.  Barbara has worked for the Eagle County Schools since 1981 in a variety of capacities and is currently the district library media coordinator.  “Her contacts and the respect shown her throughout the District have opened door after door for us,” said Larry Hendrickson, JA Vail Valley Advisory Board member.

“Joining the efforts of the motivated Eagle County business community to bring their rich experience and the expertise of Junior Achievement has been an inspiring experience,” said Barbara.  “The individuals who are willing to give-back to future tax payers and economic partners in Eagle County have truly been wonderful.  Each one of these individuals spends countless days working with children to enrich and expand their understanding of financial literacy and how impactful these lessons will be over the course of several years.  Seeing the children of Eagle County interacting and learning from the business community has undoubtedly made a difference in their vision and goals for their adult lives,” she said.

Barbara stepped down from her role on the JA Vail Valley Advisory Board in June, but is looking forward to staying involved as a volunteer.  Thank you Barbara for your marvelous contribution to Junior Achievement!