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Junior Achievement graduates are better prepared to make responsible choices and are less likely to become burdened by debt. In fact, Junior Achievement alumni credit JA with helping them develop the skills and confidence they can use throughout their lives, building professional and personal success.

Students participating in JA programs are more optimistic about achieving future success. They show a statistically significant improvement in their attitudes toward school, and feel they are personally in control of their destiny. JA students embody an entrepreneurial spirit and are more confident in their ability to manage and control finances.

Volunteers lead by example, giving real-world meaning to JA’s curriculum and helping students become more optimistic about school, work and life. In addition, volunteers report that delivering JA programs to students helps them to sharpen valuable business talents, including public speaking and motivational skills.

Educators invite JA into their classrooms our programs complement their hard work and dedication, as JA helps young people make the connection between academic success and career success. JA’s engaging hands-on activities align with curriculum standards to help students achieve teachers’ learning objectives.

Corporate Partners value JA’s turnkey, easy-to-implement solutions for businesses to give back to the communities in which they operate. In partnership with JA, businesses actively participate in positively impacting their future workforce. Plus, JA provides an easy way to engage and invest in employee development through a feel-good training opportunity that inspires students to reach their potential.