All of the rush, none of the risk.

Three giant screens, frenzied traders, the latest in technology and 60 days of simulated trading condensed into 80 minutes. JA Stock Market Challenge, a corporate event held in the evening, is fun at its most competitive.

Denver's Corporate Event
Fort Collins' Corporate Event

How it works:

  • More than 40 teams of eight compete to grow their mock stock portfolios to the highest overall net worth.
  • Teams are issued $500,000 in mock stock to invest in 26 fictitious companies.
  • Each trading day lasts eighty seconds — two months of trading are condensed into one exciting evening.
  • Onsite traders with PDAs make buying and selling instantaneous. The trading is fast, furious and fun!
  • Periodic news releases and “hot tips” reflect fictitious world events and industry developments, causing stock prices to fluctuate.
  • Participants must be on their toes, constantly reacting to the market’s ups and downs.

Proceeds from the JA Stock Market Challenge corporate event allow 1,300 local high school students to participate in the student version of this event.