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eDividends Archive

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September 2016 eDividends: Work that is real

August 2016 eDividends: More than nice-to-have

July 2016 eDividends: Why not be a little disrptive?

June 2016 eDividends: The JA Spirit is easy to recognize

May 2016 eDividends: Punch holes in the darkness

April 2016 eDividends: The power of practical hope

March 2016 eDividends: I’m not a scratch golfer. Dang.

February 2016 eDividends: The freedom to pursue dreams

January 2016 eDividends:  The highest form of charity

December 2015 eDividends: Cutting through the clutter

November 2015 eDividends: What does it mean to be work ready?

October 2015 eDividends: Building on CO’s entrepreneurial legacy