Volunteer Resources

Many of the resources listed below are available in .pdf format. If you need the viewer, please visit www.adobe.com.

JA in a Day

Preparing For Your JA Class

  • Leading a JA Session – Introduction: In this video you will learn student engagement strategies and gain an understanding of the workshop model instruction. Watch as the JA volunteer shares the days learning goals, gauges what the students already know and presents new information in a JA session.
  • Leading a JA Session – Activity: This video will share suggestions for managing the activity portion of a JA session including how to lead a smooth activity, engage the students in the learning process and turn the work of learning over to the students.
  • Leading a JA Session – Summary and Review: After the excitement of an activity remember that the JA session isn’t over! During this important portion of a JA session watch as the volunteer helps the students reflect on the day’s learning and then leads a review of the concepts taught.
  • Traditional Classrooms - Are you wondering what to wear, where to park or what to bring? Watch this short video to learn the answers to your questions and more.
  • Bilingual Classrooms - A one-page guide for volunteers preparing to teach entirely or partially in Spanish, in .pdf format.
  • Teaching in Teams: Tips and Suggestions - One page of tips and suggestions to save you preparation time and ensure a seamless partnership, in PDF format.
  • Customizable Program Certificates – Program-specific customizable certificates of completion that you can print from your color printer.


  • Alignment to Colorado State Standards - Overview for elementary, middle and high school programs, detailing the educational standards supported by the individual lessons of each Junior Achievement program, in PDF format
  • Ignite Overview - Detailed overview of the Ignite project, which brings JA’s proven programs to students of low-income schools within four districts. Programs are presented by well-trained volunteers from dedicated partnering companies to reach 90% of all students in the project schools within a three-year period.
  • JA Finance Park - Financial literacy simulation in which middle and high school students immerse themselves in a reality-based decision making process addressing aspects of individual and family budgeting.
  • JA Volunteer Connection  - JA newsletter designed to provide practical tips and tools to help volunteers be successful in the classroom.

Elementary School Curriculum

Kindergarten – Ourselves

1st Grade – Our Families

2nd Grade – Our Communities

3rd Grade – Our City

4th Grade – Our Region

5th Grade – Our Nation

Elementary School Classroom Management

  • Part 1: As you prepare for your volunteer experience, watch this short video to learn techniques on connecting with students. PDF Supplement
  • Part 2: After watching Elementary Classroom Management- Part 1, view this video to learn and observe useful classroom management tips. PDF Supplement

Middle School Curriculum

Developmental Characteristics of Middle School Students

JA Economics for Success

JA Global Marketplace

JA It’s My Business

JA It’s My Future

JA Finance Park

High School Resources

For volunteers facilitating JA Company Program and/or JA Be Entrepreneurial, visit the Student Station for program resources.

JA also encourages volunteers to connect with each other through the Volunteer Leadership Council. Learn more here.

Middle and High School Classroom Managment

  • Part 1: Do you have questions about the behaviors you may encounter in the classroom? If so, watch this short video and learn tips and techniques you can use when working with students. PDF Supplement
  • Part 2: After watching Middle & High School Classroom Management Part 1, watch this video to learn tips for managing the classroom and keeping the students focused on learning outcomes. PDF Supplement
Volunteer Today
Volunteer Today

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JA Finance Park JA Finance Park