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4-in-5 of JA alumni report Junior Achievement played an important role in choosing their career path.

Based on a 2020 survey of a scientifically valid sample of 1,002 individuals.

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As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievement’s high school programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about the future, and fosters skills that will be highly useful in the business world. All programs are offered at no cost to schools.

JA All About Cars® (Available in Northern CO and WY only)
Buying one’s first car is both exciting and daunting. JA All About Cars introduces students to the essential costs related to buying and operating a first car and offers tips on being smart consumers when purchasing vehicles. In this volunteer-led session, students consider their needs and wants to make a real-world connection to the car-buying experience, motivating them to make good financial decisions when buying or leasing. This one-session program can be delivered as a stand-alone session or used in conjunction with another JA financial literacy program.
JA Be Entrepreneurial®
Students are challenged to start their own entrepreneurial ventures while still in high school and learn about the mindset and skills needed for success from real world entrepreneurs.
“JA Be Entrepreneurial provides students with real world knowledge and experiences of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs that came into my classroom worked with students on how to write a business plan, how to pitch the plan to potential investors, and how to obtain funding. The entrepreneurs also provided students with guidance and feedback during the process of writing their business plans. JA Be Entrepreneurial program provides students with real and hands-on learning.” -Lori Valdez, Mountain Range High School
JA Capitalism with a Conscience™
JA Capitalism with a Conscience provides students the opportunity to learn about ethics from local business leaders while analyzing and offering solutions to real world ethical dilemmas.
“The case studies in the JA curriculum surfaced a lot of discussion around other things they were aware of; things they see in the news. A lot of the scenarios were technology and social media-related, because of course, that’s the world that they live in, but I thought it was fantastic that they took the themes of Capitalism with a Conscience and then you could see them apply it to their own observations and their own knowledge about what they see around them.” -Anna Ewing, JA Volunteer
JA Career Speakers Series™
JA Career Speakers Series gives students the opportunities to learn about an industry and company first-hand from business professionals or entrepreneurs.
JA Career Success™
Recommended for 9th and 10th grades. JA Career Success equips students with tools and skills required by employers to get and keep a job in the 21st century, high-demand career industries.
JA Job Shadow® (Virtual Only Format)
JA Job Shadow provides high school students with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a variety of exciting, impactful, and meaningful careers. The program introduces youth to high-growth professions and industries while providing a deeper understanding of critical skills they will need to be successful in the workplace, connecting academics to the real world. This school year, JA is offering virtual job shadows, giving students the opportunity to explore the career of their choice via engaging videos.
JA Launch Lesson™
JA Launch Lesson is a point-of-entry program delivered by community entrepreneurs. Students gain firsthand knowledge about starting a business and the entrepreneurial journey.
JA Personal Success™, presented by Western Union
Recommended for 11th and 12th grades. JA Personal Success, presented by Western Union, prepares students for the job market by helping them to develop the personal success skills that will help them land and keep a job. JA Personal Success is also available with a hospitality and tourism focus in Northern Colorado and Wyoming only.
“It’s so important for the kids to see that their learning translates to real life. Tourism in Wyoming is one of the industries that continues to make money even when some of the other industries have a little bit of a downturn, but it can only succeed if we have a workforce, so we have to get people excited to come into the industry.” -Penny Fletcher, Little America Human Resources Manager
JA Titan®, presented by Janus Henderson
In an online simulation, students compete as CEOs in the phone industry, experiencing firsthand how an organization evaluates alternatives, makes decisions, analyzes the outcomes of those decisions, and then strategizes what to do next. As students make financial decisions about production, marketing, research and development (R&D), and corporate social responsibility (CSR), they begin to see how every choice made in an organization relates to its future success.
“I can’t tell you how effective it is to have a business professional come into the classroom and share their experiences with the students while applying the Junior Achievement Titan curriculum. Furthermore, the simulation keeps the students’ attention and creates a fun learning environment. Applying the real world to our business and marketing classes is a big goal of vocational education so that students are prepared for the business world.” – Carrie Medlock, Legacy High School
JA Take Stock in Your Future™
JA Take Stock in Your Future introduces high school students to the fundamentals of stocks, the impact of world events on the stock market, long-term investing, and how investors make investment decisions and diversify their portfolios. This program may be concluded with the JA Stock Market Challenge.

For 2021-2022, programs are available for in-person or virtual delivery except where noted.

Classroom Programs

Off-Site Program Events

JA Finance Park®, presented by Transamerica
JA Finance Park, presented by Transamerica, is an innovative budgeting simulation that introduces young people to personal financial planning and career exploration. A new Advanced version of JA Finance Park Advanced allows high school students to have a more personal focus and to see the long-term impact of their education, savings, and credit decisions. Available as a field trip or virtual simulation.
“This entire program gives students the basic skills they will need day-to-day. They have learned about budgeting, using a credit card wisely, and the reality of being an adult. Seeing their reactions is eye-opening. Our students don’t learn this at home and this is the first and maybe only time they will get this.” – Laura Platt, Fort Logan Northgate
JA Stock Market Challenge™
The culmination of the JA Take Stock in Your Future lessons, students are immersed in a high-tech and fast-paced atmosphere in which they are challenged to build the largest stock portfolio as a team. Each 80 seconds in real life represent a full day of trading, adding to the excitement and urgency. Students get to practice what they learned about stocks, diversification, long-term investing, and the impact of world events on the stock market.
“This event teaches students that if you stick with something and you’re passionate and dedicated, the rewards will follow. You have a team and you aren’t in it alone. They learn that if they stick together and rely on their synergy, they’re going to come out as winners whether they get a trophy or not.” – Cassidy Montoya, Centennial High School

Semester-Long Programs

JA Introduction to Business & Technology® (Teacher-led + Volunteer)
These courses introduce high school students to the basic skills necessary to succeed in business. Themes include teamwork, innovation, decision making, ethics, innovation, management functions, and accounting. Students also learn basic technical skills such as using presentation software and spreadsheets effectively. JA volunteers serve as subject matter experts.
JA Economics® (Teacher-led + Volunteer)
Students learn personal and business applications of micro- and macro-economic principles. Foundational concepts, including scarcity, opportunity cost, and the circular flow of the economy, provide a framework for understanding how consumers, producers, and institutions influence the market – locally, nationally, and internationally. JA volunteers serve as subject matter experts.
JA Marketing Principles® (Teacher-led + Volunteer)
These courses address topics such as marketing mix, market research, sales and marketing methods, understanding the consumer, and marketing planning. Students also learn about marketing in the world around them and potential careers in the field. JA volunteers serve as subject matter experts.
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